Free LIVE Workshop

For Successful, Professional Women Who are
Finally Ready to Find The One.

Exceptional partners are out there.
True lifetime love exists. It's your time to claim it.

Join us May 19th-27th | 12 noon Eastern


Free LIVE Workshop

For Successful, Professional Women Who are Finally Ready to Find The One.

Exceptional partners are out there. True lifetime love exists. It's your time to claim it.

Join us May 19th-27th | 12 noon Eastern

Love is Your Birthright! 

Register Now! The Workshop starts on May 19th!

Your perfect person IS waiting for you...don't make them wait!

Ah, another summer is almost here. I know, the sting can be bad around this time…

You ask yourself, "Why haven't I found THE ONE yet?"  

It’s not like you haven’t put in the work...  

You read all the self-help books, ingested positive affirmations, attended retreats. You built a fantastic career, life, and heck -- even updated your wardrobe!  

And still, you search for someone to share this amazing life. 

You just want to find a relationship where...  

  • You feel cherished, honored, respected, and loved! (AND feel the same way about them!)
  • You can’t stop smiling when they walk into a room! 
  • You and your partner are in total alignment with your values, vision for your future together and have a shared desire for what you want as a family! 
  • You can be 100% yourself! Laugh, cry, have a bad hair day, even share intimate secrets and desires! 
  • You feel your entire life expanding with newfound confidence and a sense of adventure!  

But when we get frustrated, we ask, “Why is love so easy for everyone else?”  

For one thing, love isn’t easy. It’s hard for EVERYONE because none of us are taught how to do it!  

99% of what we’re taught about “How to Find Love” is WRONG.  

But like any other skill, you can LEARN how to become an empowered dater, reset your dating mindset and find the soulmate of your dreams!

Ready to approach finding your soulmate in an entirely new way?  

Join me for

Find Your Soulmate Workshop

It's time to finally attract the true love you deserve

and let’s create a plan, so you’re
NOT single for another season!  

Join us May 19th - 27th | 12 noon Eastern


Listen to Their Life-Changing Results...


Bari Lyman is the founder of Meet to Marry™ and Get Unstuck in Love, a transformational dating method that has helped thousands of singles get unstuck in love, permanently break free from unconscious dating & relationship patterns, and summon their soulmate.

Bari is a published author and has been featured in The New York Times,, JDate, & SELF.

Stephen Covey praised Bari as “The Meet to Marry Method™ correctly identifies what we need to be looking for in a relationship. She is smart, principled and engaging.”

"If you're ready to get clear on your vision, values, and goals and find that special someone to co-create an extraordinary life, this is the program for you."  

Yael, Tempe, AZ

The Find Your Soulmate Workshop is a virtual workshop that kicks off May 19th and ends with a big party on May 27th! 🎉 🎉 🎉  

In this workshop, I’ll host daily lessons and give you actionable exercises to completely shift your approach to finding love -- so this time next year, you’ll be spending next your with your one true love. 

At the end of each live training, you'll even have the opportunity to ask me questions about your unique love journey! 

(And if you can’t show up live -- worry not! I’ll send you a recording of all our lessons!)

Don’t Be Single when you want your soulmate !

The Find Your Soulmate Workshop

Starts May 19th! 

Here’s a sneak peek into our week together...

Why "Self-Love" Isn't Enough

If "working on yourself" and being "self-aware" were enough, you wouldn't be single right now! While reading self-help books, practicing meditations, and attending therapy are important, they WON'T attract your ideal partner. I'll reveal what truly works!

Are You Accidently Repelling Love? Regain Control!

Why do you excel in every aspect of life except love? Discover the underlying reasons and how to stop (unknowingly) pushing away the lasting love you desire. It's time to get back in the driver's seat!

How To Break Free From Toxic Relationship Habits FOR GOOD

Many singles make one key mistake that attracts the wrong people. If you're stuck in a cycle of dating the same toxic types, learn how to break free from this pattern and make the necessary moves to bring your soulmate into your life!

The #1 Key to Never Enduring Another Disappointing Date

Dating doesn't have to be a drag or consume all your time! It can be fun, empowering, and (dare I say) enjoyable. Discover a totally fresh approach to dating so you can ditch the duds and discover lasting love!

The Exact Steps to Attract The Love of Your Life in 90 Days (or Less)

Most people think love should just happen when it happens. But that’s not how it works. Instead, you need a PLAN that’s future focused and effective! On Day 5 we’ll bring everything together and show you how to create a real plan to attract the love of your life in the next 90 days or less!

Some of my Favorite Love Stories...

“Bari was the catalyst for me to finally realize the universe has my soulmate out there for me, which enabled me to confidently set foot on the journey to find him!”

Tina D.

"Bari helped me see that "my story" was that "I was not ok" and… therefore, I was attracting men who confirmed that story. I am so happy to have had that breakthrough."

- Melanie H.

"After working with Bari, I was able to confidently and quickly screen out men who would never be a fit for me and get to the guys who were on the same page as me."

- Tina W.

Don’t Be Single in 2025!

The Find Your Soulmate Workshop

Join us May 19th-27th | 12 noon Eastern

No More Bad Dates - No More Settling No more wondering, “When is it my turn?”

It’s this simple:  

Stop dating on autopilot.

Get unstuck in love.

Become an Empowered Dater and meet The One.  

Let's Find The One Waiting For YOU!

Register now for my free

Find Your Soulmate Workshop

and let’s create a plan, so you finally have the tools to find YOUR soulmate. 

Join us May 19th-27th | 12 noon Eastern